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What is Circadian Rhythm Lighting?

Rhythm lighting design refers to the scientific light duration and light intensity set to a certain time, in line with the biological rhythm and physiological needs of the human body, improve the work and rest rules of the human body, to achieve the purpose of comfort and health, but also save energy, reduce carbon emissions of a lighting design.
The principle of rhythm lighting design is based on the body’s biological clock. Human body clock refers to the internal biological rhythm system of the human body, which is affected by external environmental factors and produces a physiological cycle. Through a series of complex physiological and neurological effects, it affects human behavior, sleep, metabolism, body temperature, endocrine and so on. Among them, the most important is the influence of light cycle. When light hits the human retina, it stimulates the hypothalamus to release melatonin, and daytime light can suppress the secretion of melatonin, thereby controlling the body’s rhythm.
The realization of rhythm lighting design needs to formulate corresponding lighting schedule and light intensity requirements according to the needs of different places and tasks. For example, in the office, in order to ensure office efficiency and employee health, different modes of daytime lighting and evening lighting can be used, daytime light intensity to meet the requirements of human eye comfort, night lighting gradually weaken, reduce stimulation, conducive to regulating work and rest, and help sleep. In the student dormitory, natural light should be the main, the night lighting with low brightness soft light source, in the intermittent long light and long dark state, arrange alternate changes, so that the vision gradually adapt to the dark environment, help reduce the stimulation before going to bed, help eliminate fatigue, promote sleep.
In practical applications, the light schedule and light intensity can be accurately calculated by selecting different types of lamps and using human physiological model simulation software. At the same time, the rational use of intelligent control technology can achieve automatic control, according to environmental changes and human behavior, automatically adjust the light to meet the requirements of rhythm lighting design.
In short, rhythm lighting design is a combination of scientific biological rhythms and human physiological laws of the lighting design, can improve the health of the human body, adjust the work and rest rules, but also help to understand the law of human life activities, to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Rhythm lighting

Bedroom lighting rhythm
Good mood, good sleep quality assurance

Bedroom health lighting, through the change of light rhythm, give different light source requirements, secrete melatonin, ensure the first step of healthy sleep.

Reading, the use of electronic products, the different needs of the room lighting also need to change, the first shallow feeling.

Post time: Sep-19-2023