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Lead Time


Emilux offered fast delivery time.

We deeply understand the urgency of customer needs and the importance of timely delivery.

In order to meet customers' urgent delivery deadlines, we take the following measures: Inventory preparation: We retain a large number of LED lamp raw materials, including die-casting parts, lamp chips, led drivers, connector,wires, etc.

These inventories help us meet our customers' urgent needs faster and reduce delivery times. Supply chain management: We have established good cooperative relationships with our suppliers and regularly evaluate their supply capabilities and availability of raw materials.

Through stable supply chain management, we are able to obtain the required raw materials in time and ensure the smooth progress of the production plan.

Production schedule: Our production schedule, especially the delivery time of regular products, is generally controlled within two weeks. We optimize the production process and arrange work tasks reasonably to ensure that production is completed in the shortest time and delivered to customers on time. We always strive to meet our customers' urgent delivery needs through the above measures and ensure that the quality of our products is not affected.