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What is led magnetic track light and how to apply them?

Led magnetic track light is also track light, the main difference between the two is that magnetic tracks are generally connected with low voltage 48v, while voltage of regular tracks are 220v. The fixation of led magnetic track light to the track is based on the principle of magnetic attraction, similar to how magnets attract iron, so it can eliminate the width of the card slot.

Led magnetic track light comes in various forms, with the common cylindrical type. However, the long linear track lights provide a new possibility for the track, breaking people’s understanding of traditional track lights as only suitable for spotlighting. The linear light has a wide light output surface, covering a large illumination area, making it suitable for basic lighting in a space, creating ambient light. The anti-glare design of the light output surface makes the light source soft and not glaring. The linear design gives people a sense of spatial extension, the penetration of the lines endows the space with depth and transparency. In addition to the above advantages, the long strip track light also has the adjustable illumination area advantage of spotlights, with horizontal adjustment of 360° and vertical adjustment of 180°, providing flexible illumination areas. It also has the advantages of track lights, being easy to match and can be used in combination with circular track lights to meet a variety of lighting needs in a space.

Various scenarios through different combinations

Foyer Corridor

Foyers and corridors generally do not have windows, leading to poor natural lighting. Therefore, these areas require artificial lighting both during the day and at night. Utilizing led magnetic track lights in a linear design for areas such as the foyer corridor can create an engaging atmosphere, and if it’s the entrance foyer, it can provide a warm welcome home feeling.
Closet or Hallway

The combination of general lighting and accent lighting in the dressing room/corridor design not only ensures a bright lighting environment but also enables targeted illumination to highlight specific areas, accentuate details, and create rich and layered lighting effects. It gives the feeling of bringing the lighting of a high-end mall to home.


Living Room

① Circle Ceiling DesignA track is installed on the ceiling of the living room to form a square rectangle, with exquisite and unique design, creating a beautiful landscape on its own. Two linear led magnetic track lights are installed on each side, providing a wide range of ambient light, ensuring uniform and shadow-free basic lighting in the living room.
② Emphasis DesignOn the side near the wall paintings or decorative hanging paintings, the lighting emphasizes the texture of the decorations. On the side of the TV background wall, it can increase the sense of space layers and also help to elevate the spatial height.



In a large museum or library, the use of led magnetic track light for illumination can create an artistic ambiance. Typically, interior designers do not recommend installing led magnetic track light in a study because the concentrated light source of led magnetic track light does not facilitate the creation of a comfortable reading environment. However, this downside is addressed by using linear track lights, which can be installed on one side of the bookshelf to uniformly wash the shelves with light, allowing you to quickly find the books you want. Even in a small study, this can infuse a strong sense of a library’s artistic atmosphere.


In summary, the combination of led magnetic track light with both bar lights and spotlights can provide a bright lighting environment for a space, as well as targeted illumination to highlight specific areas and details, enriching the overall lighting and enhancing the sense of depth in the space.

Post time: Dec-15-2023