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Top 5 led lights driver manufacturer in China

Top 5 led lights driver manufacturer in China 


In recent years, with the continuous advancement of LED technology and the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the demand for LED drivers in China has continued to grow. With many companies offering a wide range of products for a variety of applications, in this articlewe will take a look at the top 10 constant current LED driver manufacturers in China.

1.Guangdong KeGu Power Supply Co.

Headquarter: Foshan,Guangdong

Founded in 2008, kegu power is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of LED driver power. The products cover indoor and outdoor areas with complete categories, reliable quality, small size, easy installation. And they also have independent intellectual property rights and have obtained ENEC, CCC, UL, TUV, CE, CB, SAA, RoHs and other domestic and foreign authoritative certification agencies.All the products have 5 years warranty. The monthly output is about 2000K pieces.

Kegu has always been committed to providing humanized structure design, stable quality, high versatility, both internal and external, ultra short delivery time for customers to scale production to solve the cost reduction and improve operational efficiency pain points.

Recommended Products

  • Indoor Led driver
  • Intrack Led driver
  • Outdoor Led driver
  • Emergency lighting
  • Controls and connectivity

2.Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Headquarter: Taiwan,China

Mean Well is a major when we talk about companies with a dedication to quality power supply products. Mean Well emerged in 1982 with headquarters in Taiwan but established its foot in Shenzhen, China, in 2016. Mean Well has a formidable reputation in this industry. The company boasts over 2800 employees with bases in China, India, and the Netherlands. In addition, with an impressive partnership of over 245 authorized distributors around the globe, they operate in many areas.

Recommended Products

  • LED drivers
  • LED accessories
  • PV power
  • DIN-Rail
  • Rack Power
  • Charger etc.



3.Fuhua Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Headquarter: Dongguan,Guangdong

Founded in 1989, Fuhua is a global power supplier,integrating R&D, manufacturing, and selling, leading on global power technology application and innovation. At present it has formed a diversified power supply system: medical power supply and I.T.E. power supply as the core; consumer power supply and LED driver power as a supplement. 

Recommended Products

  • PD charger
  • POE adaptor
  • I.T.E. power supply
  • Medical power supply
  • LED driver



4.Inventronics Inc.

 Headquarter: Hangzhou,Zhejiang

Established in 2007, Inventronics is one of the world’s top LED driver manufacturers specializing in building innovative, highly reliable and long-life products that are certified compliant to all major international safety and performance standards.

Inventronics provides superior products, exceptional technical support, and best-in-class customer service. It also seeks to create value for customers by working to extend and increase the return on investment for solid-state lighting systems. And it  also touch the following areas of production: Surge protection, controls and Power supplies.

Recommended Products

  • Led drivers
  • Controls
  • Surge protection
  • Programming tools
  • Accessories
  • Power supply


5.Lifud Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquarter: Shenzhen,Guangdong

Established in 2007, Lifud  focus on LED drivers in China and thrives on the mission of becoming a top LED power supplier and providing intelligent system solutions. Its operation covers over 70 countries globally, making it possible to satisfy more than 4000 customers.  It has 180 authorized personnel engaged in technical research and product development and has been maintaining the cooperations and exchanges with scientific research institutions and institutions of higher education, including Fuzhou University and Southwest Jiaotong University. The company’s product covers ranges of areas.

Recommended Products

  • Industrial lighting driver
  • Commercial lighting driver
  • Smart lighting driver
  • Outdoor landscape lighting driver


Want to know the best part?

Kegu, being one of the world’s leading LED driver manufacturer,  has been highly favored by their customers for the stable product quality and competitive prices.  Their products are widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting, street lighting, landscape lighting, mining lighting, advertising lighting,emergency lighting and other fields.

Their Led drivers have independent intellectual properties and have obtained domestic and international certificates such as TUV, CE, S Mark, RoHS, CQC. As an ISO9001: 2008 manufacturer running with advanced ERP system, we are making a serious commitment to quality, innovation, service and delivery.


Post time: Sep-11-2023