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How to choose hotel spotlights?

1. Check at the led spotlight driving quality

The driver of high-quality spotlights is generally produced by manufacturers, with strong performance and guaranteed quality; The poor quality spotlights are produced by small factories with limited production capacity, which drive the general procurement of finished products, and the quality is also good or bad.


2.check the quality of the led spotlight chip

You can look at the chip of the spotlight, because the quality of the chip determines the brightness, life, light decay, and brand.

3.look at The led spot light appearance

The appearance of high quality spotlights is smooth and clean, without obvious burrs and scratches, and there is no obvious stinging feel when touching the surface by hand. Used to shake the light bulb, the internal sound, if there is noise, it is recommended not to buy, because the internal components of the lamp are not fixed, easy to cause short circuit damage to the lamp internal circuit.

4.anti-glare, refuse stroboscopic of led spot light

Hotel pay attention to comfort, good atmosphere, so that guests can sleep well, stroboscopic and glare will cause dazzling and visual fatigue, affect people’s mood, affect the comfort of the environment, need to use lights to eliminate any stroboscopic phenomenon.

5. a variety of spot light distribution

The installation controls of the hotel are varied and complex, and the requirements for light distribution are different, the Angle of light exposure is adjustable, and there are a variety of lamp cup shapes to choose from, including black cup, sand cup, oval hole cup, round hole cup, white cup and so on.

6.luminous flux standard of led spot light

If the cup brightness is not enough, it is difficult to operate a high-end and comfortable environment, the light needs to be soft and bright.

7.high color rendering of recessed led downlight

Spotlights are often used as decorative lighting, and things in a variety of hotels cooperate with each other, if the color rendering is not good, it will make high-end items unable to show their due aura, more than 90 color rendering, and restore the true color of things.

8.light failure of recessed led down light

Lamps as long as the use of led chips can not avoid the problem of light failure, if the use of unqualified chips, it is easy to use a period of time after the serious phenomenon of light failure, affecting the lighting effect.

9. Heat dissipation of led down light

Heat dissipation is directly related to the life of the lamp, the heat dissipation is not solved well, the lamp is very prone to damage or failure, resulting in additional maintenance costs. The general back uses die-cast aluminum material, and through special structural design, it is easy to solve the heat dissipation problem, and the stability of the lamp is constantly improved.

Post time: Sep-19-2023